Photo de Baptiste votre guide Esprit d'aventure. Il est avec son chien qui est sur ses épaules.

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Baptiste Dabbadie holds both a degree in climbing and a degree canyoning. He  has 6 years’ experience of coaching and guiding. After going through the canyons and cliffs of the Tarn, the Verdon and the Basque Country, he has decided to start a business in the country of the two Savoie. He is particularly involved in sports coaching people with disabilities.

In winter, Baptiste is a ski patrol, avalanche expert and weather observer in the Alps

n° siret: 5317029750001624 n° carte professionnelle: 05908ED0425

Image d'une jeune femme qui fait de la via ferrata. Il s'agit de Marie votre première interlocutrice pour Esprit d'aventure.

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Marie is the first person to talk you. She know canyoning, via ferrata and climbing and she advise you to make a right choice.